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problem in changing language

  1. Hi all!
    I have a little bit strange problem !
    when I created my blog at first I mistakenly chose english language
    for my blog! after that I changed the blog into persian.every thing
    is ok right now except that botd does not configure my blog as persian
    and it assumes it as english!!!

    please help me! I really dont know what to do with it!

  2. Have you set it to the proper language on your Profile? I think that's where BOTD gets the information from.

  3. Yes I have changed the language everywhere i could!
    The thig that has made me crazy is that my blog was in top 40
    in unfiltered language but it did,t show up in persian!

  4. There is only one place where changing language will be effective.
    -> Options -> General
    Language this blog is primarily written in. _______________________
    In the future, you will be able to modify the interface language in your profile.
    Click "Update Options" to save once changed.

    If this does not work then you need to ask for staff help tomorrow here

  5. Thanks a lot for your help,if it didn't work do u think
    I have to delete my blog and import it again?

  6. Do not delete anything.
    What do you mean by import it?
    Where did the current contents of your blog come from?

  7. I meant whether i should
    1.export the contents of my blog
    2.delete the current blog
    3.register the blog again with persian as language
    4.import the xml file

    I don't understand what u mean by :
    "Where did the current contents of your blog come from?"
    I wrote the posts by myself! :)

  8. Thanx everybody! I don't know What happened!But botd is showing me now!

  9. YAY!

  10. blogpuertonare

    I want to know how I do for to have two language as interface; is to say that my dashboard has his commands in english, but my interface appear in that posible?

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