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    I want to host my blog in separate I export my content using your export tool. I get the xml. But for some reason, when I import it to my, it only creates blogs till 2016. Is there any limitation with free account?

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s strange. Have you removed all unapproved comments and spam before making the export file? If not you may want to create another export file after doing that.

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    Hi lovethakker,

    You have deleted your site so it’s no longer possible to export content. Hopefully this means you have successfully imported everything into your site.

    Is there any limitation with free account?

    We don’t place any export limitations on free accounts — the export feature is available to everyone, regardless of which plan they are using :)



    I needed to import my back up multiple time. First without images and other content upload to get all post. Then couple of times to get all images and comments. But in the end I was able to get all the data.


    Hi lovethakker,

    I’m pleased to hear you’ve been able to import your content now :) Thanks for letting me know!

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