Problem in increase my traffic

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    i am getting some problem in increase my traffic. this is my blog
    please suggest me with solution..


    The blog I need help with is



    Here is some ideas to bring your traffic up

    Remember it takes time to build up a organic readership base the best
    advice I can give you is be your self and create content that is of
    interest for your readers. You will start to notice a increase in your stats.

    I also Recommend using the Google feedburner because you can offer
    email post updates as well as reach out to higher amount of feed readers.

    If you have a Windows Based computer I recommend using the Getsocial
    Social bookmark bar. Here is a written tutorial / video tutorial

    Top 6 Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed Fast On The Interweb:

    How to discover your blogging voice

    Also > How to link your name to your blog



    @ teck07 – Excellent advice – there’s stuff there I didn’t know, though I’m doing about as well as I can on Google (2nd on blog name search, top 2 or 3 on subject searches, from an April 08 start)and traffic is up from 49 hits the first month to 3,453 last month. Taken a lot of work, though, posting mostly once a day, and often 2 or 3 times. (Not blowing my own trumpet, just giving shivani2 an idea of timescale.) And, as you say, you do, very much, need to write about subjects people want to read.

    If shivani2 means traffic today specifically, though, then s/he may not be alone – I reckon my traffic is down about 40% or more (though it’s not an exact science). No-one else complaining, though, so maybe it’s just a bad day… Pretty unusual, though, to be still in the low 30s at this time of day.


    hey thanks so much…im on it.

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