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Problem inserting images into post

  1. This is a strange one. My colleague is unable to add an image to a post but I can, even with his login! It's possible it might be related to our institution's network logins but I can't think in what way...

    He is able to upload an image the problem occurs when he clicks on "Insert into Post". instead of adding the image to the post, the insert window remains visible but goes completely blank and nothing happens. If anyone has experienced anything similar or have any thoughts we'd much appreciate it.


  2. There are many threads about this in the forum already, so if you scroll down the main Forum page or just search for "Uploading" or related terms, you will find many workarounds. The very first thing you should do is make sure his computer has the latest version of Flash, and if possible he's running Firefox, which works best with

  3. So now you tell me that Firefox works best? LMAO!

    Anyways, since the upgrade, I can't add pictures. It says that it loads them, but you can't get back to the page to publish it.

  4. We need more details about the failure if you want us to help you.

  5. YES!! This is exactly the problem I'm having inserting the photo into the post. All is well with the uploading. I click on the HTML tab, I click on the add an image icon, the small image window comes up and I click on the gallery tab. I click on "show" to give me all the info. I click on the "insert into post" button and nothing happens. The small image window is completely blank and nothing happens.

    The weird thing is if I write in the HTML text for loading the pic, it shows up. But I want to wrap the test around the image and I have no idea how to write the HTML code for that. Please help.

  6. simplicitybegins

    I'm unable to load a photo into my blog. I choose the photo, using the same process I always have, click the upload information, then the screen goes blank. Nothing. I've tried several times. Never before has this been a problem.

  7. snowflowerstreet

    Same problem here. Ever since I added my upgrade two days ago too. Hm?

  8. snowflowerstreet

    Plus, my avatar is showing up all over this page. And it's huge. What the heck?

  9. I have read as much as possible on this topic and still, since the wordpress upgrade, I cannot upload images on my blog. At the same time, though, my husband's blog -- -- has no problems uploading images. AND -- he and I work from the same computer in our home office. Totally frustrated about this one.

  10. If you're having problems using the Flash uploader, switch to the Browser uploader and report the issue to staff on Monday.

    mygreenside, I think your blog may need direct staff intervention. Contact them on Monday with full details.

  11. Thanks for the suggestions but I'm afraid they don't help.

    He is using Firefox on one machine but I don't think that is the cause. Like "mygreenside" (above) I am able to add photos to another WordPress blog on the same machine that he unable to add photos to his blog on.

    I found plenty on uploading but it is NOT an uploading problem. The images upload, they are in the Media Library. The procedure fails when you click on "insert into Post".

    Any more suggestions?


  12. Yes.

    Copy the URL of the image once it's uploaded and close the pop-up. Put the image in the post using either the code option or the Image Icon in the visual editor. Then format as you like, using the image icon or code.

  13. Just like everyone else I have been having the same problem too inserting an image into the post. I have gotten it to work only twice after hours of back and forth. I have tried using both Firefox and IE and neither one seems to make any difference. Like the others the images upload fine but when you attempt to insert them nothing happens.

  14. I'm new here, as of yesterday, but I'm having the same problems. It's in the media file but won't insert and I even left it up all night to see if it would ever load, but no deal.
    Since everyone is having the same problems and it seems it's only from the upgrade, I'd hope they are working on the bug.

  15. From "raincoaster": "Copy the URL of the image once it's uploaded and close the pop-up. Put the image in the post using either the code option or the Image Icon in the visual editor. Then format as you like, using the image icon or code."

    Thanks again raincoaster. We have just tried this and were able to add both an image and a link to an uploaded PDF in the editing window. HOWEVER when we saved both then disappeared.

    is there a way to contact WordPress more directly or are you guys reading this forum??


  16. If you're signed in, you can contact them from your dashboard, via the Support button.

  17. Well, good to know that others can't load their images on their blog. I have had a blog since 2007, and over the last week or so, all my images that were downloaded from my computer do not appear on my blog - nor can I insert them into my blog. This is very frustrating.

    The only way I can add an image to my blog is if I copy it directly from the internet. But the "Add an Image" button that opens up the Media Gallery of images gives me all the options, but when I click "Insert into post" - nothing gets posted into the blog.

    I've tried just about every options in the "Add an Image" with no success.


  18. fellowprisoner


    I was getting the same annoying white screen of death that some of you have reported when I clicked the Insert Into Post button. The same thing happened over and over, all weekend. This time, I clicked the Post URL button above that--I never had to do this before. The picture instantly went into the post. I hope this works for everyone. It's been very frustrating to get canned replies to my Support request, asking for information I already provided.

  19. Is this problem going to get fixed? It started with the upgrade.

    I've got students using WordPress who area trying to finish their final multimedia projects this week and who can no longer upload images from their computers to their blogs. They're stressing out like crazy. I can't get pics to upload to my class blog either.

    Is this going to get better or do I have to send them all back to blogger?

  20. same problem - tried all sorts - can get images to media library in a roundabout way but cannot get them any way into my blog.

  21. You mean you can't even copy the URL?

    I noticed on the Monotone theme that the image sometimes doesn't show up in the preview, just once the post goes live. It's a strange error.

  22. nope ive not had any problems with my wordpress blog, i love it, before i used to do html sites, and i got fed up of it and word press is awsome but the only thing i hate with it, is that i want to create my own theme, basckground banner etc but you cant! thats the only disadvantage!

  23. same problem here. I am hoping it somehow straitens itself out and quickly, or else I am going back to hosting my pics on photobucket and changing to a different theme. Monotone seemed great, but not if it doesn't work!!!

  24. Every suggestion on all these threads failed except for Fellowprisoner's. She nailed it. I've tried to insert pictures on my blog from 7 different computers using both Firefox and IE 7, but to no avail. Clearing the Cache didn't work, I believe that fix only works when half of the "Add Media" box is off-screen, it does not resolve the "White Screen of Death." Once I clicked post URL before clicking "Insert into Post" it worked just fine. This is a great work-around, but I sure hope WordPress fixes this glitch as there are obviously many people frustrated by this issue.

  25. Actually, Fellowprisoner's workaround doesn't work. Even though the picture is inserted, if you click on the picture - expecting the thumbnail to open up as a full-sized image - you will be disappointed. Your inserted picture links to a "search page" with results listed for an internet search for "Post URL". This is really maddening!

  26. That is bizarre. I always just copy the URL of the image and use that to put it in the post. That also gets around the autoformat restrictions like limited size, etc.

  27. Hi - this may help. Try clicking on add media box. Browse and choose image then click OPEN> crunching.....up should come a thumbnail of the image and further down, a URL. Highlight the URL, go to EDIT and copy. Back to the INSERT MEDIA box and click bottom-most box to save for future loading from the Media Library. (If you don't do this, your image may disappear from the post later on.) Now click outside of this box into the surrounding grey to take you back to the post.
    Place the cursor where you wish the image to go. Now open the icon with the little tree. Paste the URL into this box and click INSERT. Good luck! Julie PS. You may have to try the latest Firefox browser or your basic inbuilt one. Mine works with Firefox which you can download for free.

  28. make sure you have the latest flash installed on your system otherwise flash uploader will not work in any case you can try traditional uploader. although i like flash uploader, it is swift.

  29. I am having the same problem-ok I am just gonna copy the url and post that way-thanks for the info! Just started having this problem today-but thanks to this info-I will work around it and post the url in other image loader.

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