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    There seems to be a problem with inserting links in a post. The dialogue box is different than it was 24 hours ago and also when that link dialogue box pops up, the rest of the screen goes black. After clicking “Upfate” on the link dialogue, the link is actually inserted at the top of the page and has to be dragged down into the post. It is impossible to have a titl for the link now.

    When will this be fixed? It has just appeared out of nowhere.

    Running IE8 on Windows 7.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    Staff are aware of the issues. We have undergone an upgrade and their have been dome issues they are attending to. There is a new Links feature in the Visual editor. People using IE7 and IE8 were having problems earlier today.

    The recommendation is to switch to another browser. I’m running Firefox 3.6.12 and working in the HTML editor rather than the Visual one and that’s working for me.

    It’s that time of year again, when the folks over at start putting the finishing touches on the next version of WordPress (in this case, version 3.1), and the lucky users of are automatically included in the beta testing, giving you all access to new features about a month before they are officially released. …



    “and there have been some” sorry :(



    I have the same problem, the popup stays open and does not add the link
    I use FF



    Am experiencing problems at well.
    It’s suddenly impossible to put any link whatsoever in my posts.



    For more than 11 hours I could not post anything… Very frustrating, indeed. How long will it take until this is fixed?


    I’ve got the same problem too. I’m using IE8 on Windoes XP and i’m not intentioned to change the O.S. at all, neither the browser…


    @rinnovamentolivorno, switch to the HTML tab in the editor, highlight the text you want to use as a link and then use the “link” button in the HTML toolbar to insert the link.

    Staff are working on fixing the IE7 and IE8 issues, but the above will work till they get it fixed.


    If the link button in the HTML tab does not work for you, you can temporarily created the links using HTML in the HTML tab.



    Yeah…same here at Caffeinated Politics…..has been going on all day. Trust it will be fixed soon.



    I just left a message about this on another Link Busted thread. But I’m on FF and have checked the html and while the link works — I can’t highlight it like I used to etc. Also, now some of my widgets are screwed up — so gonna call it a nite and hope it’s just a glitch. Because I am not a coder — which is why I love using wordpress.



    I just want to say it was lovely to see it fixed SO PROMPTLY! Confirmed that my decision to leave my old blog site and come to WordPress was the right thing to do. I was fixed within about 8 hours or so.

    Much kudos to the WordPress team!

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