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Problem installing my purchased Premium Theme

  1. Hi, I purchased the "Linen" theme yesterday as I began setting up a blog. I also purchased the domain and the web hosting service. When I purchased the theme, I must have not noticed instructions on how to install it-just skipping through them. I received an email confirmation that the purchase went through. Since I did not notice the instructions, I returned to my blog, only to discover my error. I sent a message to customer service yesterday and have not received a reply. I am wondering if anyone in the forums could help me? Just to cover what this luddite would consider all the bases, perhaps it should be noted that I also have two other blogs: and A quick check of them revealed no missing theme in either. Thanks for any help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, if you purchased web hosting service for your blog chances are good it's not a blog, since we host for free. Where is your blog hosted?

    Where did you make the theme purchase?

    For the difference between a blog and a self-hosted one, see

  3. Thanks Lance for your swift reply. I set up a blog on at the time I set it up, I was prompted as to whether or not I would like to pay an additional $32.00 per year for a domain (plus an additional 8.00 for privacy). I chose to purchase this option and the domain I chose was "". The instructions during the purchase and post purchase process indicated that I would simply set up the blog at the original blog that I began ( and all information and updates would migrate to the domain automatically. I purchased the "Linen" theme from the selection of "Premium" themes on the regular site. If you look, you will see it among those listed. The fee for the Premium site was US $68. As far as from my perspective, everything I did was with its related partners.
    It seemed like a pretty seamless process except that I somehow failed to install the theme and am now at a loss as to what to do next.

  4. OK, I'll take a look at and see if I can see why the theme didn't get activated properly after your purchase.

  5. I looked at all the payment transactions for your site, and everything is there as you said – except the premium theme purchase.

    Could you try purchasing it again? It looks like the payment might not have gone through. You can purchase and activate from the dashboard for that site: go to Appearance > Themes and click the Premium link, then "Purchase & Activate" under Linen.

  6. Thanks Lance. I received a confirmation email when I purchased the theme and this morning I checked my AMEX account and the $68 charge from yesterday is showing as pending. I am reluctant to make another charge unless I am certain the pending one will be refunded. Should I just wait on customer service to get back to me? It sure is frustrating.

  7. I'll reply to your email — we are the same people as "customer service." :)

    For sensitive data like the payment information it's best not to post here, since it's a public forum—instead send it to us via your email reply.

  8. Hi Lance, I sent reply with credit card payment info this AM in reply to private email.

  9. matiasventura

    Replied to your email, thanks Celia. :)

  10. Hi,

    I purchased a Theme, but my bank suspended it pending Fraud Check. The charge has gone through the bank, but I don't have my Theme.

    Is there a way to check and reconcile? I can't seem to find a My Account section with purchase history.



  11. Hi picsterbooks, according to our records, I can confirm that your transaction was declined. That is why you are unable to view the theme. Can you try purchasing the theme again?

    You can view your purchases in your Dashboard by clicking the "Store" link on the left side. Scroll down until you see the headings "My Subscriptions" and "Blog Subscriptions".

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