Problem integrating phpbb into WP Child Theme

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    I am posting this here, on, and on And I am hoping that out of the 3 sites, someone will be able to tell me what I am doing wrong. I am almost certain this is not a problem with phpbb, just hoping someone here will be able to help me. So if this is in the wrong section I am sorry.

    So… I will start from the top:

    I am building a gaming website with WP and and a phpbb3 forum. It is being set up before hand in the backend of a sight that the company I work for uses. For WP I am using a child theme based off of ‘Responsive’, and modifying the CSS to my liking so that I can get more of a unique feel. I don’t have any formal training on any coding, but using Firebug I was able to come up with a decent home page with the CSS changes that I have made. BUT, it all goes to crap when I try to integrate it with phpbb.

    Here is a pic of the front page:


    And then this is a pic of phpbb after I ‘Enable Theme Integration’ in the WP-United settings:


    The CSS goes all kinds of wonky on me. Upon inspecting the CSS with Firebug again, is seems that, on the page the forum is integrated on, the URL’s for ANY background image is doubled or even tripled. A couple places the url goes all the way back to the ‘public_html’ folder in the stp. In the url tag of the CSS file I only have (‘/test/wp-content/themes/blah/blah/blah/’) So I am lost as to why or how this is happening.


    So I tried to do this a different way. By disabling the theme integration of WP-United, but allowing it to still integrate the users. To try to keep the look and feel of the main page, I tried to add the WP info into the “overall_header.html” and “overall_footer.html” files of the phpbb theme. I followed a video from CSS-Tricks on YouTube to accomplish this, but for whatever reason, all it seems to have done was add the body background underneath the forum. No other aspect of WP is there i.e. navigation, footer, widgets. And the forum now has a 100% width in the browser window.


    So anyways… I am pulling what little hair I have OUT! Because I can not figure this out.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated.



    Hi there,

    for self-hosted WordPress sites, the correct place to ask around is over at the forums. Here you go:



    Awww… I’ve been messing with this mess for so long, that I didn’t even realize.. Should have known when it asked me in the subtopic if it was about my blog..


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