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Problem logging in to my wordpress blog

  1. Since last night, my access to my blog and admin is often completely blocked. I managed to get in and to write a post this morning, by alternating safari and firefox - and I cleared cookies and chache - but navigation is very slow and erratic. I do hope this is not a repeat of the problems we had last summer? Please check and let me know. Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm having same problem . I'm with Talk Talk in UK .

    I've done the cookie and cache dance and still difficult to get into blog. Last summer was due to Talk Talk filter, if Talk Talk are the connection.

    My blog is

  3. @janeadamsart it appears your account is in good order, and I see that you were able to post today. If you are having intermittent problems accessing your site, it sounds like you may be having connection issues. What ISP do you use? Are you always logging in from the same computer and location, or does the behavior change when you log in from different places?

    @merovee, I haven't heard of any issues lately with Talk Talk, but it could be on their end again. Like with janeadamsart, do you experience anything different from a different computer or different location? Do you have third-party cookies enabled in your browser? Do you have any security software installed on your computer?

  4. I have had the same problem using Chrome. My provider is AOL.

  5. @milnathort can you log in using a different browser? Has this always been the case or has something changed for you? Have you tried using Chrome with all extensions turned off and ensuring you have third-party cookies enabled?

    For everyone, the cookies issue can cause problems with logging in or with various functionality, so it's always a good thing to check first. This site will both check your browser to see if they're enabled and then explain the issue further:

  6. thistimethisspace

  7. @timethief, thanks. I'm not happy to hear that Talk Talk users are having issues again, but it sounds like maybe they are.

    @janeadamsart and @milnathort, please let me know who your ISP is.

  8. Hallo - my internet service provider is talktalk. I posted this morning with great difficulty in firefox - safari was stuck. I couldn't edit my post after i had published it - the page wouldn't open. Whole process slow and sticky and finding ways around, like with the problem last summer. At the moment it seems ok, but is erratic. I tried logging in from a different laptop - couldnt access wp at all. I don't think it is a connection issue. Thanks for your attention.

  9. PS - I wasn't losing connection. It was just that for long intervals it wouldn't open at all. I managed to get in sometimes through facebook. Will keep you posted!

  10. It seems to be working OK now . FYI I couldn't log into any WordPress blogs last night and assume it's something to do with Talk Talk - it normally is . I could log in everywhere else so maybe TT doesn't like !

  11. It wasn't just talktalk last summer, it was aol also and lots of other ISPs. Mine was OK also this evening, but I will check later. We shall see!

  12. We have had issues with Talk Talk and, like @janeadamsart said, some other ISPs, in the past. It is helpful for us to know if the issue persists with any given ISP so we can look into it.

    It sounds like Talk Talk is working now. If you're on AOL, please let me know how things are.

  13. WordPress is back to normal again. AOL is now much more stable.

  14. Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear that things are working again.

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