Problem mapping to a domain purchased via Google Apps

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    I bought my domain through the registration process for Google Apps, and set up all the Google services therein. I changed the Nameservers per the WordPress instructions, bought the $10 domain mapping upgrade, and now have under my domain tab:

    Function: Redirecting to

    But now when I go to I get “Sever Not Found – Error 404”, and takes me to the Google-created Start Page.

    What do I need to change to make my WordPress blog be mapped to (i.e. when I visit, I want it to be my WordPress blog). I am willing to give up all the Google services, including email, but Google’s support pages seem to indicate that while I can edit all my DNS and MX settings, I cannot “remove Google services” because I purchased the domain while setting up Google Apps.

    I realize now the smarter thing would have been to purchase the domain through WordPress, but alas, hindsight is 20/20 and all that.



    Once the domain is pointing the nameservers to, and and provagates through the internet and you have it “added” in your upgrades section, it should just work for you. I would look at the following report as a way to track what the internet is seeing for DNS. Are you sure that all the name servers have changed to the settings I mentioned above?



    Trent, it looks like my only real problem was patience. :) I came back from spending the afternoon out and everything is working perfectly. Thanks for the quick response.

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