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    Hi, I’m trying to migrate a blog from to a standalone installation.

    My question is about

    The blog has over 1000 posts and a lot of attachments, the XML generated from an export is about 11Mb. is unable to accept the 11Mb file so I found a splitter which works well to create smaller XML files. However, I still have a problem with the import, just times out, I’ve tried changing every timeout setting on the host with no luck. Each file goes through about 30 ‘items’ and then just the page just stop loading and nothing else is imported.

    Anyway, is there some other way I can please get the data off the site? A SQL export? An RSS file? Anything? I cannot get the import of the XML to work on unless I manually import about 200-300 XML files and really, really don’t want to do that.

    Thank you so much!



    I’m sorry but Volunteers can’t help with that. Here’s the link for Staff



    Hi Dlawton,

    The only supported export method here at is the WXR (XML) file. As the fix lies on the import side, your question is really beyond the scope of the support forums. That said…this might help:

    You might try gzipping the file first before the import. On some hosting services, a gzipped file can be automatically expanded in the background, without WordPress ever knowing the difference. This can allow you to make the file small enough to be fit into the maximum upload size constraints.

    – On Windows, use 7Zip to create a gz archive out of the wxr file.
    – On Linux, use the gzip command line.

    Make sure that the resulting file has the file extension of “.gz” before uploading it, as this is often necessary. This is not guaranteed to work, as it highly depends on the hosting configuration.

    For further assistance, please visit the support community:



    hey thanks guys, really appreciated

    @hewsut i have successfully created small enough files that ‘should’ work, but they timeout after about 30 ‘items’ have been imported, the import page just stops loading and no imports continue

    but since this is the forum my only question was if there is some way i can get an export another way

    thanks kindly!



    solved by splitting file in 47 small xml files using a script and then uploading each. if the import screen times out, hit reload and send data again and it will skip by the completed items and continue importing the rest of the file.

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