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Problem moving to hosted wordpress

  1. I know there are zillions threads about this and I think I have read them all. I am going in circles and hope someone can help.

    I am moving from to a wordpress site hosted on Syn Hosting (which I found via recommendations here). The exports just fine to a .xml file on my desktop. When I go to the new site and Import, I click the first button to import, select the import file, and then it says its importing.

    I never get a message after that, it just loads for a moment and then the screen stays the same: blank, with the dashboard header. But after this time, the little left hand corner in Firefox says "Done."

    Then I check the site and nothing has been transferred--except the .xml file is listed in the Uploads section of the new site.

    Background which may be relevant: the old site is and the new site is

    I used Fantastico De Luxe via CPanel on the Syn hosting site to install WordPress 2.1.1 (according to Syn, Fantastico got their 2.1.1 before the period in which the possibly hackable version was distributed.) I currently have a redirect on the new site to my old blog, but I did remove this while I was working on the move. (Put it back because I don't know when I'll resolve this, and don't want to lose my readers!)

    I have previously moved another blog from wordpress 2.1 offsite TO, and this is not the first time I have hosted my own, though I would not be in the "very experienced" category of users either.

    I hope someone can help. Thanks!

  2. Hmm, actually Fantastico has already made the switch to 2.1.2. Have to drop Pat a note about that.

    How big is the *.xml file? Sounds like it may be timing out on the upload. I know I usually max out at about a meg or so.

    You've not openned it up in any text editor and made changes, have you? That may throw it off as well.

  3. I know I had to split up my import file into about 10 smaller ones to get all my entries of my personal journal over to (same would be true the other way). My personal journal had 1600 entries when I moved it, so about 200 per import file max is what I saw. It really is simple to do with cut and paste. Just copy the beginning head part before the entries and the /channel /rss parts at the bottom.


  4. Thanks Drmike and Trent...
    It's 3 MB. WordPress said up to 10 MB was ok, so I didn't think of this as the problem.

    Trent, let me make sure I have this right-- can I just copy and paste the head and then some of the content of the file, and then in another copy, the head and the rest of the file?

    Thanks again!

    Oh and Drmike, you were the one who recommended Syn :-) Good call. Thanks much!


  5. Yeah, just copy the header part up to the first <item> and put that in a file. Then copy some of the items into that file and make sure you have the parts of the bottom of the file to close off that RSS file with the </rss> </channel> or whatever. I just kept the main complete file open and then copy and pasted into another empty file and after creating it, saved it as the same format as the first with a different name.

    Hope that helps.


  6. Great--two more things, I just want to be sure not to goof this up.

    1/ When I open the .xml file, it converts to text. I tried "save as", but .xml is not an option. Can I just change the name back from .txt to .xml?

    2/ When I import the xml file into, is the process going to convert the URLS of individual posts and pages to (dropping the wordpress.), or should I do a find and replace on this first?


  7. On the first point, it always want to save as .txt. Just change it back to .xml! That will work!

    On the second point, it will create the entries as if they were originally created on the blog that you are importing to. That works as long as you didn't hardcode in URL's to images, other posts or your other blog!


  8. I'm having troubles aswell. I have a wordpress theme set up on a paid server and I thought it was just a matter of exporting out of then onto the desktop, then importing to the other wordpress theme... and it was hoping it was going to pop out the other end exactly the same as I have it now on

    So, the question is, if the new import is all over the place on the new theme , how do I go about fixing it??? EG. No sidebar categories, no recent posts, no home page etc etc appeared at the other (import) end....and no posts!

    What am i missing here, am I kidding myself to think it will appear on the new wordpress template exactly the same? Please help!!!

    Thanks. Dean

  9. i think you may need to ask this over at

    good luck!

  10. Thanks trent and drmike.

    trent-- i broke it into 3 files and it worked! The posts and comments all migrated.

    now i have some new problems related to internal links, but i will make it a new question so others can avoid a bulky offtopic thread...

  11. May have also been a setting with your host's install of PHP. Some hosts limit the size of a file that you can upload. Also remember that you're asking the servers to do thousands of requests in a very short period of time. That's a alot of strain.

    Am glad you got it working though.

  12. Got it--thanks again!

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