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Problem of posts display in the feed

  1. Hi,

    I'm have troubles with my blog feed. It displays the entire blog posts rather than simply the summary of the posts. I've selected the right option in the settings but unfortunately it doesnt work with my template "Big Brother".


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The setting here > Settings > Reading is only for the RSS Feed "summary" and does not affect the posts. Is that the one you selected?

  3. Hi, yes, that's the one i selected. How can we get summaries of posts in the feed ?
    It doesnt look good if i get the overall posts in the feed :(

  4. is a Private blog. Private blogs don't have RSS feeds. What blog are you talking about?

  5. Yes, i'm talking about this blog. It's not published for now and I kept it private.
    On this blog I have posts and a widget with RSS feeds. And i'm have troubles with the posts feed.

  6. Well naturally, as Private blogs don't have feeds, or they wouldn't be private.

  7. Do you mean some other feed you are drawing INTO the blog?

  8. Yes, basically, i've already added 15 blog posts and i just need to validate my content before going live.
    My issue with these 15 posts is that they are fully displayed in the feed but i'd would like to have 15 summary posts in this feed.
    How do i do that ?

  9. raincoaster and I are Volunteers. We don't have backend access to blogs and cannot confirm your settings. Staff can do that so I'll tag this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  10. Ok great ! Thanks for alerting the staff :). I'll wait for their help !

  11. Just so I'm clear, we're talking about the RSS feed widgets in your sidebar right?

    If so, I'm not seeing full posts, just titles for each feed item.

  12. Hi rootjosh,

    No, i'm not talking about the RSS feed. I'm talking about the page that includes all my blog posts in paris ( now public and live.

    I'm looking for ways to only display summaries of posts on and if people want to read the whole post, they would have to click on it.

    Right now, it's pretty heavy and painful to have all FULL blog posts in one page.


  13. Understood.

    The short answer is that the feature you want is theme dependent. Some themes display excerpts and some display full posts.

    Here is a list of themes that display summaries:

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