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    Hi to all!
    I’ve got my blog at It was all right, but some days ago, a problem appeared.
    The lateral menu (originally) now is at the end of the last post into the page, not laterally. But if I open a post, it appears laterally again.
    I’ve tried to change theme, menu widgets, etc, but nothings happened.

    Some suggestions?


    hi jollyroger –

    did this start by chance in early december? Your sidebar has dropped to the bottom; large photos can cause this and I see photos large @ 12/08/07 thru current.


    Set your blog to display only one post per page (options > reading) and then go through them one at a time till you find the one that is causing the problem.


    /nod to dissfunktional
    Freshy has two different “maximum widths for images in posts: Freshy .. 454px (alongside date) 505px (under date)

    hellotugujava_gedit is too wide (510). With Freshy, I would suggest making all images a maximum of 454px wide to avoid having issues in the future.

    I would also make about_cap_harlock a little narrower as it is 487px wide and may be interfering also.

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