Problem on the "Insert/Edit Link" Button

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    For a while now I’ve noticed this problem, and today I decided to share it with you.
    When I log in and post something, the “Insert/Edit Link” button works perfectly.
    However, if I publish the post and then click on “Start a New Post”, the mentioned button does not work anymore.
    But if instead of clicking on the “Start a New Post” button I refresh the page and then click on “Text” to start a new post, the button works again.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there – The link button isn’t clickable unless you have some text highlighted. Could this be the explanation? Can you try the same thing again, but highlight some text and see if the button becomes clickable?



    Hi, thanks but that’s not the problem. I always select some text before clicking.



    Hi there – Hmm, I can’t reproduce this problem on my end, and I am also using Chrome. Could you give it a try in Firefox to narrow down whether this might be some issue with your browser?


    Just tried it on Firefox. Same problem…



    HI there – Would you mind sending me a screenshot of this? Please get your full browser window, including your browser address bar, in the screenshot, so that I can make sure I’m looking in the same place you are. You can upload the screenshot to your blog’s Media Library, and I can look at it there. Here are instructions for how to make a screenshot:

    Thank you!


    Just did it. It all happens on the url:
    The pictures names are:
    Problem_on_the Insert_Edit_Link_Button_1
    Problem_on_the Insert_Edit_Link_Button_2
    Problem_on_the Insert_Edit_Link_Button_3
    Problem_on_the Insert_Edit_Link_Button_4

    The first time I use the mentioned button, steps 1 to 3 happen OK, but if I take step 4 and try to use again the button, step 3 does not happen, because the button does not work. But if instead of step 4 I press F5, everything works again.


    Hi Emerson – Thank you! Those screenshots were really helpful :)

    I followed your step-by-step and managed to reproduce the issue you are describing. I just reported it to our developers so they can take a look into this.

    I’ll keep you posted as I have more information. And thank you very much for reporting this problem!



    Glad to be helpful.
    Thanks for the attention!

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