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    Hi everyone,

    I started this blog a few days ago to share with my family my experience in Ireland. I chose the theme Autofocus, which displays the first photograph of each post as a preview on the main page. However, this morning, the preview doesn’t work and I only see white or grey. I cleaned my cookies etc, I tried to insert other photographs that I had already used as previews, but to no avail.
    Would anyone know what is going on and what I might have done wrong ?

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    I can see your previews, fine. When you say you deleted cookies, etc, did you completely clear your browser’s cache and then log back in to your account? You can also try updating your browser and, if you use them, disenabling any add ons then if that works, re-enable them one by one to see which was the faulty one.

    Also, as you’re new here, this might help you generally:

    and you can also look in Support documents, here:



    Thanks a lot for answering.
    Actually, I managed to fix the problem by myself not too long after posting this enquiry, but I didn’t find out how to delete it. I had somehow messed up with the preview page while adding a map in a post, and all I needed to do was to find the correct page and re-select it.
    I’ll give a good look to your link, I’m pretty sure I will need it in no time.
    Thanks again. !

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