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Problem opening .PNG files

  1. Hello. I have a PAGE (not post) that shows some .PNG and .JPG files.

    Everything is working as expect when uploaded, but once clicked on, .PNG files gives me an Error 404...

    The weird thing is that this occurs ONLY with .PNG files. I mean, the .JPG as working just fine.

    I have already tried to have the files uploaded a few times, but it didn't help. Then for curiosity, I converted one .PNG file to .JPG and it worked...

    Therefore I think this might be an issue for you guys to check out...


    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is a good png file on your site and displays fine:


    Which is the link goes to a page that does not exist - note the dash in the link - that is to a page - not an image "minutohm-png"

    Things are fine - you are just getting the link format wrong

  3. This is the URL of your first PNG:
    And this is the URL of your first JPG:
    They both work fine (same applies to the rest of the images), so this has nothing to do with PNG vs JPG.
    You have set the images to link to attachment pages. Attachment pages are subpages to the post or page the image is attached to. As auxclass said, the images that don't work as expected are attached to a non existent page - this page:
    This means you had uploaded and inserted the problem images to that page, then transferred their code to a new page, or you changed the slug of the page after uploading and inserting the images. You need to delete the images from the page and re-insert them.

  4. auxclass, you're right. The problem was that I uploaded them but then renamed the page, removing the word "nossa". Didn't know that all files that were related to it were not automatically updated (their URLs).

    Thanks a lot!

  5. Thanks justpi. That was the problem. Didn't need to upload them again, just to update their URLs on MEDIA. Thanks!!!

  6. @justpi - thanks for the more complete explanation - I know how not to make those errors on my site or how to fix them - but not so good at the fine print for others

  7. You be welcome & good luck

  8. Both were great. Thanks guys. Now I'm going for another question, but I'll open another forum... related to an export issue I'm having...

  9. You're welcome!

    "Didn't need to upload them again, just to update their URLs on MEDIA." That's what I would have done too, but I didn't know if you're comfortable with this sort of thing so I suggested the 'safer' way...

  10. @justpi, yes, you did the right thing. I was not aware just that if changing the slug, the attachments page is not automatically updated. But now I know and I appreciate your prompt support.


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