Problem placing header image below header title

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    I’ve not used WordPress before, so maybe I’ve screwed up. I am trying to add an image below my header and it won’t work.

    I’m using an upgraded Mystique. It should look like:


    then the regular blog.

    I can place the graphic, which is my own, not, WP’s, as background for the title, which obscures the text, no matter what color I use and looks crappy I can’t find a way to place the graphic below the menu.


    The blog I need help with is



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    It sounds like you tried adding something but didn’t add extra padding where it was needed.

    Here is an example that adds a small WordPress logo image below the main menu on the Mystique theme:

    #header {
    	padding-bottom: 15px;
    	background: url( 0 100% repeat-x;

    To change to a different image, replace the url() value with your own image link and adjust the padding to give the image enough space.

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