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Problem placing linked image in sidebar

  1. Strange problem at my blog ( which is using the Connections theme. I'm having difficulty placing a correctly linked image in the sidebar. I've triple and quadruple checked the code, which works fine anywhere else. I've even tried the code on another blog at and it works fine there. But when I place it in my sidebar and save it, all that shows up on the blog is the code itself. Anyone explain this?
    Here's what I'm using:

    <img border="1" src=""


    One thing I've noticed: whenever I save it, WordPress changes the code <img border="1" to this: <img border="1"
    Any idea why?

  2. Okay, the forum itself just stripped out a part of the code I placed within backticks. I'll try again. The code I'm using is this:

    <img border="1" src=""

  3. Okay, backticks not the same as apostrophes, got it. Here we go:

    <a href="">
    <img border="1" src=""
  4. I'm no expert but it looks like you are missing a > at the end of the 3rd line, which starts with < img border

  5. Missed the backtick key

    <a href="">
    <img border="1" src=""></a>
  6. Thanks all. Unfortunately, still no joy.
    Again, the code, both pre- and post-change, works fine in a self-hosted blog sidebar. But that's not my blog. Is it possible the Connections theme doesn't support linked images in the sidebar? Does not support it? Befuddled here...

  7. I have a million linked images in my sidebar. The only suggestion I can make at this point is try doing it without the border.


    You could do it in a draft post, make sure it shows up correctly, and then copy the Code from the Code tab. Paste THAT and nothing else, into your text widget. Title it. Then post.

  8. The code I posted above works just fine in my .com test blog at: . You can go there and look if you want. It's at the top of the sidebar.

  9. I copied and pasted the code thesacredpath posted above and it works! Though I have absolutely no idea why it should and mine wouldn't, as I can't spot any difference between them. But I'm not arguing with success. Thanks, all.

  10. Actually, one final small question, which should be a snap for you HTML smarties. How do I center the image? I've figured out how to center it within a line of text, but there's no text in my example....

  11. @psharbaugh
    There was a > missing from the end of the image link as Vivian stated right below your post with the code.

  12. @psharbaugh - searches are your friend :) Look here.

  13. Replace the code in the widget with this:

    <a href=""><p style="text-align: center">
    <img border="1" src=""></p></a>

    You can compare it with the other code to see the changes. I cheat by pasting all the code into the write post area in code view, then switch back to visual, highlight the image, and then click on the "center" icon in the tool bar. I then switch back to code view and copy out all the code and then paste it into the widget.

  14. Thanks again, all. Good input all around.

  15. You're welcome, and happy blogging.

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