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    I’ve had this problem for the past month. Everytime I post here in the forum, my post reads that it is 41 years old, and it is immediately closed by an administrator, even though I never closed it and I’m not an administrator. Then, within the hour, my question disappears immediately without being resolved.

    I’ve emailed support several times since August, but have not heard back from them yet.

    If you read this before it disappears, will you email support to ask for help on my behalf?

    Thank you so much.

    The blog I need help with is



    Please email


    Timethief – The good news is that this question finally allows comments, and the correct date is now showing.

    The bad news is that I’ve emailed support 5 times about this and they have not responded.



    I’m sorry but I can’t do anything about that.



    It could be that you were being caught by the spam filter here in the forums. Sometimes that happens for unknown reasons. If you can now post, it sounds like staff may have fixed that. Generally when they review the forum spam, they will “fix” any instances where someone is falsely getting caught.


    Yes, I was in the spam filter–support finally got back to me.

    Thanks everyone!



    That’s great news. Thanks for returning and sharing it. Happy blogging! :)

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