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    Latex is working well for me, but I just noticed a bit of a problem. When I access a post via the calendar widget (in the PressRow theme, for instance), the post displays the raw Latex code. Accessing the post ‘normally’ shows the properly rendered Latex. This poses a problem, for instance, to a student looking for a particular day’s notes.


    Curious. I’m using contempt at the moment, and not having any problems with LaTeX rendering. Can you give me a link to the blog that’s having the problem, or is it a private blog?



    Sure! Go to, and navigate to the May 30 post using the calendar. I see raw Latex. Clicking on the post title will, presumably, ‘load the post’ (according to my mental model, anyway) and the rendered Latex appears. I hesitate to say that reading the blog ‘normally’ will solve the problem, because any post that doesn’t appear on the first page will exhibit this problem.


    Yeah, I’m seeing the same thing. It also looks like the more tag (“Keep reading →”) isn’t getting dealt with correctly on the date-specific page. What happens if you remove the jump?



    That’s truly weird. I have removed the jump, so viewing the entire blog now displays the entire May 30 post on the front page. Now, however, navigating to May 30 still displays the raw Latex, _and does not display the whole post_.



    This may be something that you need to report to support. There’s something wrong with the archives display.


    I just previewed my site using the Cutline theme, and don’t seem to have that problem. I’m wondering if there’s anything odd in the markup for the post… is there a way you can drop me a copy of what shows in the HTML view when you’re editing the post? If so, I can drop it into a test post and see if I can recreate it. (I’m really curious as to why that’s happening, considering how much LaTeX I use.)



    I am using Ecto on the mac, but I’m just beginning so I haven’t knowingly done anything out of the ordinary. Should I email the html? Posting it here seems like a distraction. Thanks!



    I did submit this issue to support. I haven’t done that before, so I don’t know what to expect. I’ll check back here when I hear back from them. Thanks!


    I think e-mail should work. I’ve got an e-mail address on the About page of my blog; if you send it there, I’ll take a look and see if I can find any oddities with it.


    This is very odd. I set my test site up to use Cutline, pasted the exact HTML that you sent me into the HTML editor, set its publication date to May 30, and don’t get the problem.

    As an experiment, try pasting that exact same code into a new post and see if it misbehaves. (It looks like you could even set the publication data to May 29, so that you don’t get the existing post in the page for the display when you pick it from the calendar).



    Here is the reply from Support:

    “Yes, you are correct. The archives in a lot of the themes display a stripped down version of the post.”

    Piecing this all together, it seems that archive display is under theme control (?), and that Cutline, for example, may not exhibit this behavior?

    Seems kind of weird to me. Does that seem reasonable to you?



    I just got a followup. Apparently, there is no way to screen themes for this behavior.

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