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Problem saving changes with Text Widget.

  1. Hello,

    I edited texts in a Text Widget, saved, viewed site but saw no change. Have I missed any anything?

    Your help will be MUCH MUCH appreciated,

  2. Make sure you clear your cache, etc., to make sure you are viewing the newest version of the page. If this doesn't help, give us a link to your blog and tell us which widget is the issue.

  3. What was there and what should be there now?

    The sidebars are cached so it may be delayed. Clearing out your own browser cache will help.

  4. judyb12 and drmike,

    Thank you! Problem solved!

    I took your advice and cleared the browser cache before making changes. Thank you, I will try to make that a habit.

    I also found that I have to hit 'Save Changes' twice because the first hit only seems to close the text editor window. The second hit is the one that actually registers the changes.

    Please visit You would see the results of your help in Text 1 and Text 2 sidebar widgets. Sorry for miss-spelling your names there.

    Once again, thank you,

  5. Super! You're welcome :)

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