Problem setting padding size in block quotes

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    I’m altering my block quote style (ThemeMin) to add a background color. But no matter how I adjust it, I can’t get the bottom padding between the text and color edge right. It is either too small (no gap) or too large (big gap). Right now it’s too large.

    I’ve tried to adjust the CSS with different numbers for the padding, but can’t find the solution.

    Here’s the exact CSS code as it stands now:

    blockquote {
    margin:0 24px 20px;
    padding:16px 20px;


    The blog I need help with is


    Found and HTML workaround for now. Using this:

    {div style=”background:#ebece4;padding:10px;”} {/div}


    Can you point me to a place where this problem is (hasn’t been fixed by the inline style declaration)?


    thesacredpath, you should be able to adjust the html to remove the div with Firebug just like you can adjust css (if you want).

    schoolpsychscholar, this will fix the blockquotes with one rule in custom CSS so you don’t have to add an extra div to your code all the time and this will also make it easier to re-style the blockquotes with one edit later if you ever decide you want to change the look of blockquotes in the future.

    blockquote {
    	background: #ebece4;
    	margin: 8px 30px 15px;
    	padding: 5px;

    Note that you should remove the extra div tags and add the CSS code above to your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page to see this work.

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