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Problem setting up widgets

  1. I have tried to set up a widget in the side bar and although I can drag the widget to the side bar and give it a name it does not show on the page, what am I doing wrong ?
    Blog url:

  2. What kind of widget is it? Some don't show until they've been configured.

  3. One was called 'Catagories' the other 'Text', what exactly do you mean by configure? I thought you just dragged it over in to the side bar ?

  4. Well, the Categories widget won't show unless you already have some blog posts with Categories.

    The text widget has no contents at all until you put some in, so nothing will show until you put code in the text widget. It's just empty.

  5. I am obviously missing something here !

    I have given the 'Text @ widget a title and put text in the relevant box and selected save but it does not show.... am I doing this wrong?

  6. Hmm. Sounds like you're doing it right. I'm not sure, but is Blix one of those themes that is configurable under Theme Options and possibly you chose a layout with no sidebar?

  7. I have seen others using the Blix theme that have side bar, and surely if it was not available in Blix it would not present itself as available ?

    Thought this was looking like an easy process, starting to have doubts now.

    Thankyou for your assistance.

  8. Check the theme options. If you use an older, non-configurable theme, it's much easier.

  9. What do you mean check the theme options ? Are you refering to Blix ? I have found another dog site on wordpress that has all the widgets set up in the side bar and that site is based upon the blix theme.

  10. @zalindor
    I know the Blix theme and I have it up on my test blog. I can do what you can't re: the widgets. I have also viewed your blog and I can see something is amiss with it so I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  11. Hello,

    I have now discovered that although I can not see the Widgets when trying to set them up, if when done I view the site and pick the box in top right hand side of home page of Zalindor site then the widgets appear, surely this is not how its supposed to be ?
    Also if I leave the page/site and come back to it they are not there again and I have to select the GO! box again to see then

    I know that the widgets should be visible as I see them on other sites.

    Interested in your comment 'timethief' that something is amiss, but curious as to how the blix theme/template would not show itself to me correctly when it is for other users.
    Are you a member of the wordpress staff ?

  12. Having spent the last couple of hours trying to fathom out how to set this website up I starting to despair, surely it can't be this difficult. It all seemed so promising when I first found wordpress.

    If the theme or whatever is not working properly how would I contact the appropriate wordpress staff to resolve the situation ?

    If wordpress are monitoring these posts please can you help me.

  13. I flagged this for staff attention.

  14. Thank you raincoaster I really appreciate your help.

    I assume that you are connected to wordpress staff?

  15. Nope. But I know that if you need their help in a thread, you put Modlook in the Tags and they will come.

  16. Hello Raincoaster,

    Not had any help from wordpress yet, I assume you have done this before ? Any idea how long they might take to get onboard with the problem?

    Where or what are these Tag things, perhaps I could do this Modlook thing to speed things up.?

  17. timethiefmedia

    This is timethief. I viewed your blog again today and the same layout issue exists on it. I'm using Firefox 15 and I believe that may be connected to your widget issue. I also flagged this thread for Staff attention 2 days ago.

  18. Hi Timethief,

    I think you are all much more computer literate than me..... don't think I am using Firefox......Windows and Explorer... does that make sense ?

    I am trying to sort this so that when the puppies arrive I have a site to put pictures on..............

  19. timethiefmedia

    It's my opinion that the layout issue on your theme must be fixed by Staff. Only they have backend access to your blog and only they can sort this issue out for you.

  20. At Settings -> Reading in your blog's Dashboard, you currently have the static front page and the blog page set to the same page, hence the problem. They will need to be either two different pages, or you will need to select "Your latest posts" instead.

  21. Hi macmanx,

    Thankyou for your help.
    I have changed the two pages as you said, but it has not changed anything. I still do not have visible widgets unless I select GO! in top right of page and if I do this then leave the page and come back then they are gone again. Also no means of setting up top pull down menus.

    HELP !!!! PLEASE

  22. Looking through my pages again the widgets only show on my page Zala Picture, if I view any other page the widgets are not visible and if I select GO! in top right of screen then it reverts to the page Zala Picture with the widgets visible...... can't understand what I am doing wrong ?

  23. Sorry, all the preceding answers are misleading: Blix simply doesn't display the sidebar on static pages. You need a different theme.

  24. Hello justpi,

    Thanks for your help.

    I think it does as I have it on my static page but not on all, and I have seen another page done by another dog breeder that has the same theme and has widgets on the side bar.

    I also can not get the pull downs on the top bar to work/set up.

  25. You're welcome. Blix displays the sidebar on dynamic pages (such as the main posts page or a category page) as well on the single post view, but not on static pages. Check the theme demo if you don't believe me:

  26. Thanks for that, I hope I did not come over as rude just getting a little frustrated at something that I thought was going to be easy being a lot more complicated than anticipated.

    Thanks for the link to the Blix demo I will look at this, not sure I was aware of this.

  27. Rude? Of course not.
    Bottom line is you really need a different theme. Check this post of mine to see which themes to avoid:

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