Problem solved – “How to keep text off the edge of images!”

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    I just stumbled across this while “playing”.
    (I am sure this only happens on certain templates used)

    Yes, I am a nitpicky SOB and did not like putting a image within my posts only to have the text touching the very edge of the image.

    I went back to a earlier posts that I made a few days ago to add something to the post.
    While playing around in the editing box, I simply highlighted the text that was running alongside the image and then clicked on “align right”, which pulled the text off of the image and moved the text to the right, while the image stayed to the left. The text moved off the image! :) Cool!
    The text touching the edge of the image normally would happen with a image that was put on the left side within the template, while the text was to the right.
    Much better now!

    If you try this, publish it, then try it again with a different alignment, then publish it again, you will see the spacing between paragraphs nearly doubled or tripled for each alignment that you try, making your post a very long post with lots of spacing.
    This is when you will have to go into your “code” section and remove the previous alignment codes that were saved from the previous try.
    (Did I say all that right?) :)

    Oh well, I am a bit happier now, but now have to go through the previous posts and align them all to my liking!



    Thanks for sharing the great tip with others. :)

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