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Problem: Theme and Settings Defaulted

  1. 10 minutes ago I checked in to my blog and see that my blog has defaulted ..... default settings - theme, user info, blog name and so on.
    Check back after 5 mins and the theme has changed to some other !!!!

    Are you experiencing some kind of server problem?

    What should I do?


    My other blog, seems fine.

  2. Same for me, crazy :(
    Everything seems resetted, but at least the widgets are still there (puhhh!!)

  3. Timezone offset and time format is also gone. And the eMail address is resetted too, and i am not able to change it at the moment. Wassup there??

  4. Because forum volunteers do not have backend access to blogs, reports on these kind of problems that require technical fixes by staff are best made through the use of the feedback button on the top right hand corner of any blog page.

  5. Have sent them feedback, but no reply as of yet from tech support.

  6. Thumbs up linux hopefully rollmops has sent in a feedback too.

  7. Same here, feedback already sent...

  8. I lost my CSS as well. It reverted to a month-old backup.

    Not good...

  9. @scrambled - don't forget to send in a feedback so they know your blog has been affected too.

    Although I'm not in the least geeky and could be wrong, I'm thinking like linux that the image, header, theme and css disappearances and reversions to cached back-ups may be related to server problems. In any case it appears that staff are aware of the problems so I guess all the affected bloggers can do is to be patient while awaiting the fix.

  10. It's happening to many, so let's hold off on the feedback reports, folks. Give them a chance to work on it. We all want to scream, but like timethief says, patience. SIGH.

  11. What's strange is I haven't been seeing it. I've been loading up the webcomic and I've been on my blogs most of the day. Rather strange.

  12. Folks, check your Options > Discussion > Email setting to make sure that the settings are on or off for receiving email when someone comments.

    A lot of things are reverting to the default settings.

  13. And Themes are now appearing to be working. Check your blog thoroughly to make sure all the settings are as you want them.

  14. @lorelle
    Thanks for the correction you gave me above. You're quite right. When staff are working on a problem flooding them with feedbacks makes no sense at all.
    P.S. I'm glad to here the theme situation is now improved.

  15. Hmm, I'm still only getting a preview button for my CSS.

    I guess I'll just wait and see how it is in the morning.

  16. None of your options have been lost. Some duplicate options containing the default values were accidentally inserted. These duplicates eclipse your real options. We're fixing blogs right now by removing the duplicates. Very sorry folks. One small, one-line bug can have big impact, alas.

  17. I just fixed everyone in this thread. We're working on a global fix.

  18. Hi there,

    I've been having this problem with my standalone ( wordpress install. Will the fix be made generally available? I'd really love to get it sorted. Thanks!

  19. See, those who report first get special treatment. ;-)

    Thanks to Ryan, Mark and all behind the scenes!

  20. brandxblog: This problem is specific to a relatively small subset of blogs. Standalone WP is unaffected by this particular problem. There is a theme reset problem that affects standalone WP that isn't fully resolved as of yet, but that is a different bug than the one here.

  21. This support forum is for users: if that's not you, then please use the forums at That's where you'll find answers that apply to your situation.

  22. Thank you both for your kind responses. My apologies for choosing the wrong venue.

  23. No to worry :) We get people here all the time. They forget read the sticky post at the head of the forum

  24. Well, I manually changed all the settings to what it was before and for the time being it seems OK.

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