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    Hello. I´ve tried to figure out the problems about my domain ( ) and still couldn´t it resolved. So, I don´t know what to do anymore… I´ve already paid for the domain, but can´t get the proper domain for my page and right now, since few weeks ago even the domain is sent to somewhere else… so, I am not an expert in websites. I really need some help. Thanks. Andre.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    A whois shows is for sale –

    Did you renew just the domain mapping? That would have been $ 13.– / year. It looks like the records were updated the middle of November to for sale

    Who did you have the domain name registered with?

    The staff can check some other records



    I had this domain before it expired and few weeks later I renewed it. But even if the problem was that “whois” got the domain (and I don´t know why they did it as it has no real financial value – it ´s my name and am not famous to pay a huge amount of money for it), right now even the domain can´t be managed in a proper way. It is really upsetting me.



    “whois” – is a database of domain names and is a generic term for checking the status of a domain name and other information about a domain


    Try: Dashboard >> Store >> Domains >> change the Primary domain back to – that should let you use the base blog –



    Hi Andre, somebody else purchased the domain once you let it expire and it became available. In a situation like this, we can no longer help you regain control of the domain.

    What you have renewed is the domain mapping only, which will only work if you also own the domain in question. So I went ahead and canceled the domain mapping and added $13 in credits to your account.

    I noticed that and are still available, so you may want to register one of those domains under Store > Domains.

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