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  1. blastyourproject

    I TRIED TO PAY THROUGH MY GTB MASTER CARD, BUT COULD NOT AS TcHE SITE SAYS MY COUNTRY IS INVALID OR SO. SO HOW DO I NOW REGISTER FULLY WITHOUT THE CREDIT OPTION LISTED. the next and fast alternative I have is liberty reserve , but it is not listed. Pls help create many alternatives as possible for payment for us over here.
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  2. WordPress.COM currently uses PayPal for payments and PayPal does not allow some countries to process transactions - I think it has to do with lots of fraud coming out of those countries.

    What country is your credit card from?

    I will flag this for staff and they can give you more information - yes a common problem that they are working on but there does not seem to be an easy fix.

  3. What country is your billing address in?

  4. Lebanon!

  5. We use PayPal as our credit card processor. Unfortunately, they have chosen to refuse payment from a few countries recently, and Lebanon is one of those countries. At this time, we have no other option available.

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