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Problem uploading image

  1. I searched around and was unable to locate anything on this topic - I hope I didn't overlook something. Anyway, I am trying to upload an image button I created. When it loads into the editor, it looks fine. However when I try open up the image to add a link, the size has tripled. I have tried multiple times with the same problem. Any suggestions?

  2. You can reduce the size by clicking on the image and dragging a diagonal corner.

  3. Hi - thank you for the fast response. I am loading the image into my sidebar. I am unable to rezise it for some reason.

  4. Ahhh ... you cannot upload an image directly into your sidebar that's too large for the sidebar without breaking the lay out. And there is no way quick way to resize it using that approach.
    Try this easy way that some blogger use:
    (1) Manage -> Uploads
    find the previous image versions and delete them.
    (2) presize the image in paint or photoshop etc. then upload the image into a post first
    (3) switch to the code tab and copy the code
    (4) open a text widget and paste the image code into it
    (5) close the widget using the X on the top right corner
    (6) click "save changes"

    Or try this

  5. Thank you! I'll give this a try.

    Have a great afternoon,


  6. You're welcome. If you are not successful using either method then post again and someone will help you work this out. :)

  7. It worked perfectly. The trick is to load the image into a post first. I overlooked that step.


  8. Happy blogging. :)

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