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Problem uploading images from Media Library

  1. I noticed that wordpress changed its layout, ever since I can't upload my pictures to my posts. I already have images in my Media Libray, I want to add a picture to my post but it's not working. The image just enlarges when I click it and it is covered up by the thumbnails of the other pictures (in the media library), it's a total mess.

    Also, how do I delete pictures from my Media Library?

    Please help.

  2. What browser and version are you using and what operating system?

    Make sure your browser has the latest version of Adobe flash: . The new uploader is flash-based and requires the latest version.

  3. Oops, to delete a file from the media library, go to manage > media library and put a check mark in the box to the left of the thumbnail image. Then click the delete button at the top of the list.

  4. Ok, I'll upgrade the new version of Adobe Flash...hopefully that'll solve the problem. Thanks for your answers.

  5. IE6 and 7 have a few issues right now. Firefox seems to be the most compatible.

  6. I just tried putting an image into my post, but every time I press "insert into post" the Media Library window turns white and stays like that and nothing happends.

  7. Same for me here. Using IE7 and the latest Adobe Flash player. Just like shinseimori, when I click Insert into Post, the Media Library window turns white and hangs. :(

  8. Try uploading and using Firefox. It is the most compatible. IE still has some issues. Hopefully they will get them ironed out.

    The other way you can insert images, is to go to the media library, click on the thumbnail and get the URL of the image. Then go back to the editor, click on the tree icon and paste the URL in there.

    My suggestion though is to try Firefox.

  9. please help i ca'nt putting image to my post ever..

  10. jamesbrownontheroad

    In Firefox on Mac 10.4.11 there are some real pains with the image uploader.

    I've tried uploading two images for a post. Fine. That works. Better than some it seems. I click on the second image, click "insert into post" and it appears. Fine. Now I want to add the other one, which I get to by clicking "add media". But clicking "show" next to that image gives no option to add that image to the post, only the option to "insert gallery to the post" ...

    I'm still not even sure what a "gallery" is... I just want to be able to upload images and then choose where and when I insert them. I'm going to hold off on my brunt opinions, but this revamp of WordPress is anything but an upgrade. The old system was solid, reliable and effectively bullet proof. That was one of the main reasons for migrating from Blogger. Like some others, I'd definitely advocate the option to choose between the old and new systems. A transition period would give the WordPress techies more time to iron out bugs and less time dealing with all these complaints and questions. Six months down the line we'd be better placed to all move over. Was a beta period considered?

  11. OK, I have just spent 40 minutes trying to get a single image into a post. i went to the (strangely closed) post on image problems/upgrading flash. Upgraded flash. No difference. It then says try clearing browser cache. I go to the firefox instructions it gives and it says go to preferences and clear browser cache. Where this is they don't tell you. i do not see any preferences in any firefox menu. I see tools/options but this does not have clear browser cache in it. I clear private data as this is the closest. No difference. After uploading, when you go to the gallery there is no button to add the picture to the post. Why I have no idea. Why have a gallery if there is nothing you can do with it? I go to the media library. it DOES have an option for adding to post, but this just results in a blank white box which just sits there. OK I now go to IExp. There is no button to add media. I go to media library and the picture is there but there is absolutely no means of adding the picture to a post. No button nothing. This is basically how it has been since the upgrade. The only times I have been able to get a picture up is by restarting the computer. i am not going to do that every time I want to post something.


  12. i have the same issuE!!!!!! why can't we have a definitive answer for a solution! :( grrrrrrr

  13. Even restarting is not working now. My blog is at a standstill. Support is closed. This is considerably worse than before upgrade. Never had an image problem before,

  14. lazyaussie: clearing browser cache: howto

    Menu Tools > Clear private data > uncheck or check what you want. To clear the cache of course, check the box next to "cache". If I were you I would then uncheck "cookies" abd "authenticated sessions" because if you clear that you'll have to log in to your blog again.

    So just check cache and click on the "clear..." button.

    hope that helps.

  15. jamesbrownontheroad: a gallery seems to mean your images can be displayed on their own like articles, so visitors can post comments.

    However I haven't found out how visitors can find the images URL...

  16. ok.. i have found a little loophole. instead of the add media.. "insert/edit an image" (The little tree above the writing area.) Upload your images to and then grab the url and insert it into the "insert/edit an image." Voila! Not the fastest but still.... at least it gets it done!!

  17. Thanks librezele. Still doesn't work. I also wonder why they don't give instructions that allow you to find that button hidden away so effectively? Why say preferences/clear browser cache, when they really mean tools/options/privacy then find the settings buttons and ucheck cache? It wouldn't have made any difference because I found that clear cache was checked anyway.

    Finally downloading safari for windows worked. Why do I need to download a mac browser to upload an image?

  18. Can anyone explain to me what this gallery is for? I open it and the only option I get is save changes. So if I want to rename an image I can, but what else does it do? I can't display the images. There is no option to insert in post. What exactly can you do with it?

  19. I'm having the same problems. No redirect pictures...just a blank screen once I've jumped through all the hoops a million times to make it happen. I use IE7. I cleaned, updated flash, dumped....spent ridiculous amount of time trying to get this resolved. I'm apt to change to another blogging platform than change over to Firefox. I was trying to be patient but this has been 3 weeks now. C'mon WordPress peeps...I'm begging ya!

  20. Firefox is no cure bluey. Don't bother. It's my main browser. Not work.

  21. This might be worth a quick review for those having problems since with any new system, there might be a step that is missed:

  22. @jamesbrownontheroad

    Once you've uploaded the images, when you go to insert them, when you click on "add an image" or "add media" click on the "media library" link at the top of the popup window and insert from there. The gallery is really designed for inserting a group of photos into a page or post and gives you almost no control over them.

  23. Thanks so much for sending me over to "one Cool Site". Somehow I managed to overcome that picture challenge(it's a multi-step process but I'm happy I'm able to post a picture regardless) but still struggling with pasting a link. That just disappears once I've hit the "insert" button.

  24. But james there is no option for inserting the pictures that are in the gallery into the post. it just goes to a dead end. I click add media it opens the box with media library or gallery. If you click the gallery it just shows you the pictures. There is no means to insert them. Shouldn't there be a button saying insert into post? If you go to the media library you can (if it works) but I'm still not sure what the gallery is meant to do.

  25. Please keep this topic open until a resolution is found. I am still unable to insert images from the media library into a post. I have updated IE from 6 to 7 and Flash also, cleared cookies and followed numerous suggestions to no avail. One thing I don't understand - does an image from my own files have a URL? If so how can I reveal it? Nothing comes up if I click on the thumbnail in the media library. Can anyone help please? Julie

  26. Usually upgrades to WordPress are impressive. In this particular instance tis is NOT the case though. It is a pain to insert a picture in your posts - I use latest Flash version and the latest version of Firefox, and it's possible to insert from your gallery only by opening the picture details, copy the url of the picture, close, open insert picture url and pasting.

    This used to be so much easier. Please change it back fast.

  27. Hi again. I'm still not having any success in posting images from the media library.
    Am limping along with thumbnails copied and pasted. I found the URL for images and typed it in but still no joy. Send to post just gives me a white blank page and there is nothing where I have placed the cursor. Anyone else still having trouble like this?

    I've tried using the updated IE browser and also updated Flash to no avail. I have a Windows XP system. I don't suppose they would consider giving us back the old editing system - it was a breeze! Julie

  28. try firefox,
    it is always more compatible with wordpress.

    and to insert images full-size try the following tutorial. it also includes step-by-step images to help you along the way! :D

    How to easily have full-size images in a blog

  29. Greetings sanjidabd! I cannot thank you enough! I followed the tutorial and Process No. 1 works for me using the Flash uploader. I am so grateful and truly hope your reply to me helps others trying to solve this problem. Please know you have put a smile on my face that has been missing since the new editor was installed. Good luck everyone! Julie

  30. There was a recent code change and a new FAQ to help:

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