problem using RSS as sitemap for Google indexing

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    I’m launching three blogs.
    In the first (marked as Primary in blog list) I had no problems using Rss as sitemap and Googlebot regularly accessed blog pages.
    But the others two blogs had some problem. Google can’t access the feeds as sitemap and Googlebot appears to be blocked.
    I checked out settings, but they are exactly the same. The only difference seems to be that one blog is marked primary and it works, those who’re not, don’t work.
    Is that possible? Any help?

    thanks everybody.
    have good blogging

    The blog I need help with is



    Here’s how you should be submitting your blog’s sitemap:



    Thanks for this. But it still doesnt work.
    I have a sitemap.xml file for my primary blog ( but if a search for secondary ( i get a not found error and google obviously can’t indexed it.

    I assume the only way is to create multiple account cause it doesnt work to have more blog on the same account if i want to index it correctly on google.
    Am I right?
    Is this possible?
    Maybe is there some setting to generate sitemap that i cant found?



    Strange. At the moment I have two blogs (under the same user here) using their respective site maps on Google Webmaster tools without any problem. Let me go check again.

    You don’t have to do anything to generate the sitemap, it already exists. :)



    No problem that I can see on Webmaster Tools’ end. Both sites show the status as OK.

    If you’ve already added your sites separately under Webmaster tools (, submit your sitemap under each separately as “sitemap.xml” You don’t need the full address.



    Sorry, don’t know why the shortlink wasn’t clickable. Here’s the whole link



    Thanks a lot Justjennifer.
    I followed the links and re-uploaded all informations.

    Actually there’s a setting who prevents sitemap to be created. It’s in “settings/privacy”. Two blogs of mine have no checked options. Once fixed it, sitemap has been created.
    Now WP still blocks googlebot but I presume it’s just a matter of time to let the system to update new privacy informations.

    I’m gonna wait a while.

    thanks for help

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