Problem w/ MySql Upgrade

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    I have an install of WordPress (version 2.9.1) in a windows environment running with MySql version 5.0.27 – works fine.

    Recently, I needed to install a new server box for all of the MySql databases, and to do so I downloaded the latest version of MySql (5.1.42), migrated the wordpress database to it using the MySql migration tool along with all the others, re-added the appropriate user entries, and modified the IP address in the WordPress wp-config.php file. However, WordPress will not work with this database, and returns an HTTP 500 error when accessed.

    BTW, I can access and query the database just fine via the MySql admin panel from other machines, and can also get in via MSAccess linked tables.

    Any ideas on why this is an issue, and how I should get this working?



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