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problem when creating polls

  1. I auto-created my poll daddy account via WordPress, and my poll creation page comes up with half of the preference boxes missing. There's no save button appearing, so I can't save anything I make. I tried going through my own poll daddy account, but I don't know how to know if I'm signed out of the automated account!

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. lackingmoralfibre

    My problem is also not having a SAVE button on the Poll page.

  3. I have just discovered something.

    The issue is when you are trying to create a poll within a new post.

    If you create a poll, "outside" of a post, the features that are missing "SAVE POLL", "POLL RESULTS", "BLOCK REPEAT VOTERS", are there.

    If you create a poll from within an existing or new post, the above features are not available, and a new shadow page is superimposed over your new post.

  4. That wasn't the case for me yesterday. I tried both ways, inside and outside of a post, and those buttons were never available. But I'll try again and see if one works now.

  5. It works today, don't know why though. I did the exact same thing today as I did yesterday. Maybe they were under construction or something.

  6. socialnetworkbuzz

    I don't want users to click multiple options in the poll and do I do it?

  7. socialnetworkbuzz

    ohh, I got it! :)

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