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    I have had the same inability to generate polls at And I keep getting the same error message as simonflckr, although I signed up and was accepted for a free Poll Daddy account at least a week or two ago.

    To add a piece of data not in the messages on this page: When Poll Daddy was introduced on WP, the moon icon (used for polls) was orange on my site, One-Minute Book Reviews. My moon icon later turned gray. I thought it would turn back to orange after I created the account, but that didn’t happen.

    Another piece of data: I could not access my site or post (or even access Support Forums from search engines) for more than 8 hours a few days ago. That problem was resolved by e-mail contact with Support. So I am mentioning this just in case the same technical issue caused both problems.

    Thanks for any help you can give.


    thank you, pana!


    Member also has a problem with adding a poll. I used auto-add and got an error, then tried the alternative after going to polldaddy. My attempt to import the poll also failed to publish.

    the error message at auto-add was:

    Account – FirstName Field Invalid, 3563

    Account could not be created. That ledme to go to polldaddy and create my account. Using the correct email address and pswd, still no go. Can u help?

    Thanks in advance.




    PS: If username is either too long or doesnt have a numeral, please be specific about what I need to fix…whether user name is the issue or something else altogether.

    Also, how can I become a featured blog?



    @janetlynnh, the “FirstName Field Invalid, 3563” error should be fixed. Can you please contact support if you are still having trouble with that?

    I’m sorry, but we do not distribute our formulas for blog selection in our featured areas on our home page.



    I trying to use the poll for the first time and it won’t work.
    I managed to create one just as a try the other day, it said that I had created a PollDaddy account and everything went fine but I never published it.
    Now that I am trying to do it for real it doesn’t seem to remember my account and when I try to create a new one nothing happens, the page just loads back to the options of creating a new account or to import existing one, none of the options work.
    If I can’t make polls this blog will be of no use to me, that was one of the most appealing bits about it since I’m using it for my design project.
    Would really apprechiate some help with this, cheers!



    When I first created one of my blogs, the polls worked fine. Now I get the error message, too. Has anyone figured out the cure?



    I also have just attempted to create a poll and used the automatic account creation route and it just says that the poll cannot be created as an error has occurred. I really need some feed back for my poems so polls would be really useful to me as folks don’t want to go to the trouble of typing a comment and are not sure what to say



    I’ve also had this same error (“Error: An error has occurred; Poll not created.”)

    I used the “auto-create a new account option (recommended)” when I first created a poll.

    The thing is, that poll worked just fine. You can see the poll in my blog here:

    But I’ve been unable to create another poll since.



    I auto-created my poll daddy account via WordPress, and my poll creation page comes up with half of the preference boxes missing. There’s no save button appearing, so I can’t save anything I make. I tried going through my own poll daddy account, but I don’t know how to know if I’m signed out of the automated account!

    Any help would be appreciated.


    My problem is also not having a SAVE button on the Poll page.



    I have just discovered something.

    The issue is when you are trying to create a poll within a new post.

    If you create a poll, “outside” of a post, the features that are missing “SAVE POLL”, “POLL RESULTS”, “BLOCK REPEAT VOTERS”, are there.

    If you create a poll from within an existing or new post, the above features are not available, and a new shadow page is superimposed over your new post.



    That wasn’t the case for me yesterday. I tried both ways, inside and outside of a post, and those buttons were never available. But I’ll try again and see if one works now.



    It works today, don’t know why though. I did the exact same thing today as I did yesterday. Maybe they were under construction or something.


    I don’t want users to click multiple options in the poll and vote…how do I do it?


    ohh, I got it! :)

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