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Problem with a malware

  1. redazionebalena

    At the moment we can't see the homepage of our blog ( because of a malware that comes from another site.
    Have you changed something in the theme (twenty eleven) that caused this problem?
    Wen don't know how to manage this malware.

    Giacomo (La Balena Bianca)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't have any issue to see the blog, ?

  3. telbitconsulting

    I am getting Chrome blocking my site with a MALWARE warning as well: (


  4. @redazionebalena
    There is no issue with theme that I can detect. Click the link in the malware message and follow through based on the information provided. In most cases what this turns out to be is an image file.

  5. redazionebalena

    Thank you all.
    At the moment everything is running right

  6. It's goodto hear that. Best wishes for trouble-free blogging.

  7. telbitconsulting

    Barry at WordPress found what was causing my problem. It is now working fine! Thanks, Barry!

  8. That's good to know. Thanks for sharing.

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