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    First of all, I’m new here. I think I’m on the right place, but if I’m not, sorry :P

    I’m using the template “Dusk”, and I think it looks very nice. Except for one thing… When you scroll completely down, you can see there’s a little error on the code. The layout doesn’t go completely to the page’s end, as it should.
    I know this sounded confusing, so here:
    I tried looking on different blogs with the same template, and the problem isn’t only mine. I did the same with another browser, same thing.

    It’s nothing serious, but it would look a lot better if it was fixed.

    Is there anything you can do?

    Thank you for reading :)



    No I’m sorry but there is nothing a forum volunteer (fellow blogger without backend access) can do. We cannot alter our templates at If it’s really important to you then you could purchase a $15. (per blog per year) upgrade and customize the css yourself, but short of that there is no “fix” that I know of.



    I’m limited on time today. Please bare with me. :)

    Um, tt, what does this issue have to do with this being a volenteer forum?

    Staff has asked us to send in all theme bug issues in via a feedback from your dashboard. I would suggest this in this case. Please include a link to the pic (thanks for that by the way) as well as which browser and version you are using.




    And the question O venerable support wizard was:

    Is there anything you can do?

    My answer was an honest “no” we cannot alter our templates, except through css customization and it’s a correct answer. It just didn’t go far enough – sorry. Next time I’ll be sure to specify the submission of a feedback linking back to the thread too. :)

    P.S. I gave this answer because I presumed someone new to wordpress might think that those answering questions on the forum were staff who had backend access and could fix this right away. Or alternatively that they might have come from Blogger and think they can alter their templates themselves here as they did there.



    Thank you both for the answers :) I see it’s something only the people in charge can take care off.

    I’ll do just that drmike :)

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