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problem with a topic forum

  1. Hi^^
    I have a problem with a topic forum, I wanted to add a question to my topic but when I forwarded the message is appears "This topic has been closed", but if the topic is closed how do I get the text box active? this is the topic to which I refer.

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  3. You link goes to the Forum.

    Once a thread is closed it is closed and nothing can be added to it. You need to start a new thread.

  4. Also that thread seems to have been deleted but when I visit the forum dashboard I can not find the thread when I search for the that topic and use the deleted thread filter I also used the link as a search term and still no luck...

  5. turciasifilmeleei

    I think I'm wrong, I get no home page, link to it does not lead anywhere, just link to other pages are active. What to do?

  6. perhaps I haven't explained ... The topic is open, it isn't closed, I have the text box active, but if I try to forwarded the message, appears closed.

    look it:


    and this:

  7. it's incredible. I logout, I looked at the list of topics and was not there, then I login again and I posted a second topic ...

    I continue to see both but there are no ... O.o
    How do I post this topic if nobody reads it except me?

    why can not I forward it and show it?

  8. It's possible that the spam filter intercepted the entire thread because it contained an external link. It happened to me once before (and it was my own website!!). Staff unspammed the thread and it was visible once again:

  9. thx airodyssey :-)
    wait for the intervention of the staff :-)

  10. Sorry about that!

    Your post has been rescued from the spam queue:

  11. thanks :-)
    deleted the other two I tried to forward

  12. You're welcome!

  13. Ah that explains why I couldn't find the thread because I don't have access to spammed threads because when I click on the "Akismet Spam" link within the forum dashboard I am greeted with a message "Nothing to see here."

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