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    We are having problems with people who can not access the blog.
    Currently our chief administrator is not able to get in at all. As soon as she tries she gets booted out after 3 seconds.
    Can someone please check if there is some problem with the page when people try to log in. We have the feeling that something is very wrong, but cannot check the code ourselves.
    Kindest regards

    The blog I need help with is



    What is the URL of the blog in question please starting with http:// ?
    What is the WordPress.COM username of this Admin that you refer to?

    You mean the public one?
    Spica is the public one. I do not know if she has another one.
    I am checking now if she have that.



    I don’t see any problem with at all.

    First, please make sure that your browser is up to date by visiting

    If it is not, please try updating your browser or switching to a different browser.

    If it is, please do these four things:

    1. Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies:

    2. Make sure that you have third-party cookies enabled:

    3. Try with all browser extensions or add-ons temporarily disabled.

    4. Try enabling HTTPS:

    Please let us know how each step goes for you, and which browser (and version of) you’re using if you’re still having trouble.


    Hey, it is quite a lot of people not being able to connect.
    We think it is some sort of DNS problem with the WP servers.

    We have at least 5 commentators suffering the same problem, one Admin (Spica), and our Editor (Kilgharrah).

    Our only remaining Admin is on vacation.

    Check deeper because this has been an issue for a while now. We think the problem is at server / log in server level.

    All of the above has been done before. Everyone have tried with almost every possible browser on the planet in every which setting. The problem is that the problem is erratic, on only affects some people, and only at some times.



    No, we don’t see anything wrong here. Is it ?

    If so, it would be affecting all almost 50 million blogs at, not just yours.

    Are you trying to access it through a forwarded or masked domain? Are you all browsing from the same network?


    No, we are browsing from all corners of the world.

    Might be that most blogs do not have the amount of active commentators and number of staff that we have… So we are perhaps the most likely candidate to notice a problem.
    As I said, we have about 7 people (that we know about) with problems out of a couple of hundred regular commentators.



    I just tried under your account myself and had no issue.

    We have quite a few larger blogs under, like and with no reports of similar issues.

    I’m not discounting your issue, just pointing out that focussing on a systems issue when it’s not won’t get us anywhere. If this were a system issue, we’d here from a lot of people.

    Can you think of anything similar that you all may have in common on your setups? A browser extension, security software, proxy/VPN, etc?


    Well, I am one of those that have not had a problem.
    So checking via my account would not help really.

    Those that have had a problem all tried with different browsers in different settings. We are writing from all over the planet, and we can see no pattern to the problem being related to location, nor browser issues.
    I am trying to get one of those that have problems to come into this thread, but there is only one who can get into WP at all.
    The people are on various systems, none are on the same proxy or VPN. Most of them are not using proxies or VPNs to beginn with. No common browser extensions or security programs for those with problems. They users use everything from far out there Linux version via highly standard Windows machines to iBooks.

    Stating that it would be a commonality problem when it is not is neither that helpfull. I repeat, we have had this problem before and are concerned about the stability in case a major eruption would take place. It is one thing this happening now when it is calm. But it could have ramifications if it happened then for those of us who are working with it.


    I am an editor of this blog.
    Whilst I have had normal access to other sites this evening … Volcanocafe has been problematic … very slow to connect … and impossible to refresh … both issues were reseolved from my perspective at approx. ten pm.
    Similar issues were noted four weeks ago … on that occasion they lasted for over 24 hours.
    Thanks for looking into this for us.



    What country are you browsing from now?

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