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problem with Andreas09 theme

  1. In the last half hour or so a large amount of white space has started appearing in the first article on my blog - found here: I can only assume it's something to do with the theme, there's nothing in the articles to cause it and indeed, just a 'test' article with nothing more than three lines of text is still getting the same problem.

    Does anyone have any idea why this is happening/how to resolve it?

  2. you appear to have an extra </div> tag in your post, goto the HTML part of the post editor and remove it and see what happens

  3. I am experiencing exactly the same problem with the Andreas09 theme... don't think it has anything to do with post. I experimented with deleting the latest post and it turns out the same for the next post. Need help from someone to rectify this. Thanks!

  4. well, I suggest contacting support.

  5. I can only see the one set of div tags (both the opening and closing parts), I don't think it's that. As eltworld said, it doesn't seem to matter which post is the 'latest' one (be it the actual latest one, the one before or a 'test' one created afterwards), it still happens.

  6. ahhh yes, I have tested this out on my other blog and this issue must be theme related, so again, just contact support so they know about this issue

  7. I'm having the same problem @

  8. Thanks aw1923 ... I have just contacted support on this issue so hope they can help us on this soon.

  9. Same problem. Contacted support. If you remove all widgets the white space on the top post will shrink, and the problem doesn't happen for other themes. Also, cleaned all of my posts with the cool eraser tool to be sure there were no orphan div or span tags. Theme is busted. Hope they fix it soon because I think it is the best theme of all.

  10. I have the same problem with my blog and I cant just remove all widgets. It took me a full day to recreate them after changing themes. Has anyone got a response yet? ...I dont seem to have any tags on my posts anymore either...

  11. is the site address

  12. I've contacted support as well. Anyone know if they're in this evening?

  13. devovolleyball

    I am also having this problem with the Andreas 9 theme. My "sticky post" has enlarged.

  14. I just switched my test blog over to Andreas09 and see the same thing.

    Contact support and explain what is happening so they can get it fixed: http://support/ .

  15. thesacredpath--I've contacted them but no answer as of yet. The issue must be widget-related as the large blank space stretches out from the bottom of the latest post down to where all my widgets end. I've gone in and removed a couple of widgets and the size of the blank space changed slightly as well.

  16. Same problem for me

  17. you should probably be more patient, the last time I had to contact support, they fixed my problem and then e-mailed me, this is the actual link

  18. I am having the same issue and I sent a note to support. I will wait until tomorrow morning when I get up and see if we have a fix. Thanks all for making me realize it isn't me!

  19. I have also contacted Support and am waiting with bated breath!

  20. I have the same problem.

  21. And one more problem. I don't know if it's theme related. But one of the people on my blog seems to be getting all the notify emails, even though she didn't mark the notify colums. And that also started in the morning.

  22. habituesdelteatrocolon

    Same problem here. Hope they fix it, I don't want to change the theme.

  23. Hey guys yeah I have the same problem. I spent the greater part of this afternoon experimenting with the HTML with my err, limited HTML skills. I even reposted the entry but to no avail.

    Hope this sorts itself out.

  24. My black space seems to be gone. ;-)

  25. Same problem in my blog. It seems that the second post apears only after th links on the right column

  26. The issue is fixed on my blog now. Thanks much!

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