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Problem with author widget

  1. I have recently changed my nickname and uploaded an avatar. This has been registered within the body text of the blog, but my sidebar refuses to change. What am I doing wrong?

    Terribly sorry if I'm just being thick, or if this has been covered elsewhere. I've searched the FAQ but haven't come up with anything.


  2. What's your url please? How many authors does your blog have? What are you expecting to see that you are not seeing...or...what are you seeing that you didn't expect to see?

  3. Your avatar shows fine here. Typically, avatars appear first in the forums then throughout the system. And sidebars are cached and changes could take a few hours to appear.

  4. Wow speedy response.

    My url is

    As I said above, the problem is that the author widget hasn't updated with my new nickname and avatar: instead of "Boboss & Boy" I'm expecting to see "Qthgrq", instead of a blank silhouette I'm expecting to see the avatar currently adorning this post.

    I suspect it's just a caching issue. Thanks for the explanation

  5. It's just updated. Clearly was a caching issue. :)

  6. Glad it's sorted out for you. Any change to your sidebar can take a tad to show up. Happy blogging!

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