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    I had set up my blog using the balloon theme and customised the theme not display the balloons and made an adjustment to the space where the balloons originally were.

    Not sure what has happened but the balloons are displaying again despite no changes to the css script and in the preview of css they do not appear!

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is


    I looked at your blog and I’m not seeing the balloons right now. I also checked the revision history on your cpaAppearance → Custom Design → CSS page, and it looks like you made several changes on the 4th. I can’t see back far enough to know the history, so I’m not sure what happened before but if you see anything like that happen again (you shouldn’t), please post here again or email to ask for help.



    Thanks for looking and your advice, it all seems to be ok now!

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