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Problem with Blix Theme

  1. The Blix theme I chose suddenly changed to something ugly right before my eyes. This new ugly design appears after restarting my browser, in other browsers, and even after I choose another theme and then switch back to Blix. Has this happened to anyone else who uses the Blix theme?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There has been at least one other report about a problem with Blix:

  3. Yes this happened to our blog too. Have been happily using Blix for the last three months or so; published a post this morning - it was fine. Looked at the blog in the afternoon around 3pm - all Blix formatting gone!

  4. See the thread Tess referenced. Staff is looking into it.

  5. Just so the urgency is increased by the number of folks complaining ... my blix was blown out of the water also!

  6. Same here. I sent a message to support this morning. I guess I should have checked here first! Oh, well. Glad to see it's a known issue. Thanks!

  7. kaleidoscopeblog

    Ditto- hope a fast fix is on the way!

  8. Same here -- I've tried many themes but Blix is my longtime favourite. Hope it is fixed soon!

  9. I too have been using this theme for about 2 years now and when I first noticed the problem yesterday, I thought it would be fixed very soon as issues are normally quickly taken care of at I look forward to this theme working and looking like we all know and love soon.

  10. Blix should be fixed. Please try refreshing.

  11. Working like it used to, as far as I can tell... thanks all!

  12. thanks much, designsimply - our blog has snapped back to normal.

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