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Problem with blocked invitations?

  1. I am trying to add someone as a user, but I keep getting the message that the invite is not sent because the user has blocked invitations. She does not have invitations blocked! We need to fix this right away, and I am hoping that an Engineer can help. Thanks!
    Blog url:

  2. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. What is the username please?

  3. Thank you so much! The username is minicosm.

  4. I just discovered your first thread here > Please return that thread and know that creating duplicate threads means it takes longer to get help. Staff deal with threads in date order ie. the earliest dated threads get attention first and there is a backlog.

  5. My apologies! That wasn't actually my thread, but minicosm's, which is why I posted again. I am really eager to get this resolved because I choose to use wordpress for my course blogs (I am a college professor) and require that my students become authors and post. If a student can't become an author, then she cannot fulfill the requirements for the class.

    Let me know if I should delete this thread.

  6. I understand your urgency but there are many others who posted before you did who are waiting too. Only Staff and Moderators can edit, close of delete threads here. I'll remove the flagging from the other thread and leave it on this one.

  7. Thanks, and again I'm sorry. Since I only replied to the other thread (actually started by a user not connected to my blog), I didn't know that this would be a repeat. I just wanted the staff to know that multiple users seem to be having this problem. My apologies, and again thank you for your help.

  8. There's no need to apologize and not to worry. It may take some time for Staff to get to either thread but either way they will sort this issue when they can.

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