Problem with blog post links from subscription emails

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    Several email subscribers to the above blog are reporting problems with the links in their latest blog post emails. If they take the ‘read more of this post’ or the ‘Trouble clicking?’ links they get a screen returned saying ‘Page not found’. If they click on the Home menu on that screen, the blog post they were trying to access comes up as expected. If the URL in their subscription email is clicked, the blog post is presented as expected.

    The emails were generated on 17th January for readers in the UK. They are using IE7 or IE8 on a mixture of PCs and laptops. I can also see the problem from Chrome on my laptop.

    The blog I need help with is



    I see the topic doesn’t post the blog URL even though I used the drop down box on the entry screen. Here’s the URL of the blog in question:

    and this is the URL of the latest blogpost which people are reporting problems in seeing from their email notifications:



    Hi. I see the topic hasn’t been responded by one of the volunteers. If you haven’t solved the problem and if you still need assistance, I suggest you contact staff directly:

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