Problem with blog settings – not applying correctly

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    Hello! I am having a few problems (this blog:;

    1. My reading options are set to show only summary of the posts. This was working fine. But since a little time ago, it is not working anymore – my blog is showing the full posts.
    I tried switching the options. I tried changing the theme. And switching the options. I googled, but the only answer is by using code, which i don’t know whether and how to do (I am using wordpress hosting);
    2. My posts are (also) no longer publishing to facebook. Again – I deleted the sharing, reestablished it again – no change, nothing showing on fb;

    (this is not connected with the previous 2) 3. I made one other blog. It broke. I deleted it with the option to free the domain. I used another domain. Now I want to change it to the one I used for the deleted blog. It (wp) shows me that the domain is not free. As I type it int the address bar of the explorer, it says that it is no longer available. Can I and when reuse the domain of the deleted site?

    Thank you for your help,

    The blog I need help with is



    1) that setting is only for your FEED. Some themes show the whole post, some show an excerpt on the front page. You can use the More tag easily, it’s the one that looks like the dotted line across a page. Put the cursor where you want the break to be, click the More button, and there you go.

    2) you’ll have to disconnect your Publicize, flush your Facebook cache, and then re-connect it.

    3) what is the URL of the site?


    Hi, raincoaster,
    Thank you for your help
    1) I am using one theme – it was working with summaries and now it’s not;
    2) I will try this;

    3) The domain, which i deleted is and the new one is If you do not know the answer, do not pay much attention – it is fine this way too :)

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