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Problem with blog stats?

  1. I have already had two comments on today's post ( but there are no clicks on this page showing up on my stats.

    I logged out, clicked on that link twice, and when I logged back in, they still weren't showing.

    In addition, the other post I'd clicked on wasn't being displayed.

    Not that I'm a blog stats junkie or anything crazy like that (not much), I'm wondering what is going on here? Anyone else have a similar problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. lindacassidylewis

    My stats haven't updated in hours, though I've had several comments left in that time, so obviously I've had page hits.

  3. Hey, thanks for the comment on my post lindacassidylewis.

    The stats are now starting to show but only showing three hits on a post with four comments? Plus my own two "vanity" hits, are still unaccounted.

    You do the maths...

  4. Same here.

  5. Yup, me too. Something's wonky in Stat Land.

  6. i have the some problem. it started a few days ago

  7. Stats are slow to update. They seem to be getting a bit slower as time passes.

  8. My stats seem to be updating very slowly lately also.

  9. Yeah, same happened to me yesterday, but everything's been fixed by now (at least in my case).

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