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Problem with bueno theme options

  1. Hi guys,

    I love the new Bueno theme, but there seems to be a problem. When I checked in the boxes available in the Bueno Theme Options, suddenly the dotty background disappeared. I've done everything to get it back but without any result. Anyone who knows how to solve it?

    Thanx guys

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there. We already have 2 other Bueno threads on the front page of the forum. As the Theme Team may befit from us keeping the feedback together I'm posting both links into this thread. We are aware of this issue and would like you to report it to Staff so they can fix it.

  3. Thanx. will do

  4. ehsanrashidi, try re-saving your desired Bueno options in Appearance->Theme Options. I've made an update to the Bueno theme that should take care of this.

  5. Thanx, it works perfectly now!

  6. This is a great theme, but when I try to use the "Featured Posts" option, all it does is put the word "Featured Posts" on the side bar, but nothing from the Tag category I selected.

  7. @nickholt
    Please go to this thread where you will find the answers to your issues >

  8. i experimented with changing the background while using the bueno theme and now i can't get it back to the default one, which i vastly prefer. help! i'm a total noob.

  9. Any one knows who to change the logo on Bueno theme. I have this for my code, but doesn't seem to be working

    #masthead h1 {
    background:#ffffff url('') no-repeat top center;

    #masthead h1 a {

    BTW, my blog is


  10. @tschmit
    What you need to do first is to remove whatever you added and then the theme will revert. If you added and image background or a color background here "Background" then remove it and click "Save Changes". Then enter #ffffff under Display Options Background Color to set a white background and click "save Changes" again.

  11. @awesomedc
    Please read this response from Staff and start a new thread in the CSS Customization Forum >

  12. seizethecupcake

    I have the same problem as tschmit. I didn't add a background image, but I changed the background colour. I followed what timethief said by changing the background colour to white. I also went back and saved the default in Appearance/Theme Options. But it's still a white background on my blog instead of the polka dots. I'm wondering what I did wrong?

  13. seizethecupcake

    Oh, disregard. It just took a while to change back. Cheers!

  14. @seizethecupcake
    I see you solved it. The blog looks great and the cupcake header looks yummy.
    Happy blogging :)

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