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    I found that WP has created now bookmark section insted of link. but problem is that all my link categories now goes under main categories section. Now not only i couldn’t able to add new category but can’t add link caterory also. Is this temporary problem or is it like that WP now doesn’t allow us to add links category wise?



    I think the problem for adding category can be solved by pressing ENTER button but how to add category for links? is there any solution?



    Categories can be used for either links or posts now. They’re one big pool that are shared by all things that can be categorized (currently Bookmarks/Links and Posts). We’ll add some filters so you can list only categories with links assigned and only categories with posts assigned.

    When editing or adding a bookmark, you can create a new category on-the-fly by typing a category name and clicking “Add” in the “Categories” box.



    I have a problem where I am unable to assign a category to any of my links [either when I create a new link or when I edit existing ones].

    I select the check boxes for the appropriate categories in the add/edit link screen and hit save, but the category is not assigned.

    Tested in both Firefox and IE

    Addendum: In Manage > Categories; Uncategorised is seen as having 0 Bookmarks (and existing bookmarks have NO category rather than being categorised as ‘uncategorised’)



    looks like my problem has now been resolved (yay!)



    Since WP set the Blogroll category, the rest of my wn categories are mixed, and I wanted ’em ordered in sub-categories.
    Is it a temporaly state or is it forever? ‘cuz in muy dashboard they appear ordered by sub-categories.

    thank you



    Some of the themes do not support subcategories.



    I can’t seem to edit the default category. Is it just me?

    edit: Ah, found it! It’s under options, but I think it would be more convenient to have it on the Manage Categories page.



    yeah, I know, but the theme I use supported sub-categories last week. I don’t know why suddenly they’ve dessapeared.

    Are your going to add more themes to the list? And upgrading the ones they are now?

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