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problem with categorising links

  1. I believe I have two categories within links, entitled blogroll and friends. I thought in some way these would be displayed as separate groups on the side bar, but instead they are simply lumped together.

    (1) Am I doing something wrong?
    (2) Might it be a deficiency of the theme I'm using?
    (3) Assuming I'm doing things correctly and it is a theme problem, what solutions are there?

  2. Link to your blog?

  3. I seem from another forum post: "How do I chunk my links into different categories on my sidebar?" that Blix is problematical and you can't put links into categories with it. How disappointing.

  4. Of course you can arrange links into categories, and Blix is no exception. Go to Manage>Links, click on each link title, check or uncheck appropriate categories (or add new ones), Save.

  5. Blix does have a problem with this, as I recall. Staff would have to tinker with the theme to fix it.

  6. Please note that I only suggest something after I've tried it myself. I tested this with Blix and it works alright.

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