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Problem with Category-Tag Converter

  1. I ran the category-to-tag converter and had some problems.

    -Most of my tags did not make it into the tag cloud widget.
    -About three of my categories were not converted to tags. However, they are also no longer on the category list within the converter.

    Can anyone help here?

  2. the category-to-tag converter? What's that?

    Is you blog hosted at If not, you're in the wrong place. See the Read Me First post at the head of the forum.

  3. Yes, I'm in the right place.

    The category-to-tag converter was recently announced by Matt. It's found under manage, import and can be used to convert categories to tags to take advantage of the new tagging feature.

    Blog URL is which is my own domain on

  4. /nod to judy
    What announcement by Matt?
    Where is the link please?

  5. Timethief, if you go into your dashboard under Manage, then Import, you will see there has been added a category-to-tag converter.

    It's a new feature on

    If you go to the homepage and look under news, there's a post all about it.

  6. Oh yes - thanks for the instructions. I just found the "surprise" announcement on my dashboard even though it's not a Friday

    Oh dear me - this seems to be an example of a "surprise" feature which is unsupported by any documentation.

    And at this point it would appear that you and Matt know more about it than we forum volunteers do so why don't you post your question into his thread? :)

  7. How cool is that? Know nothing about it but it's cool.

  8. I just sent my original post to support. I'll post any response, though, to help others on the forum.

  9. Now posting the answer from support would be cool. Thanks so much for your kind offer. But if I were you I would be posting into Matt's thread. :)

  10. @farrell
    BTW I copy and pasted your question into Matt's thread here
    so he will probably be getting back to you soon.

  11. Same problem here, I havent checked all my posts. But I saw a couple of them were the categories were converted to tags but they also remained as categories under my post but not in my dashboard management.

  12. @glad1at0re
    Well the comments are still open on Matt's post and no one else has posted a response to this thread so perhaps you may want to post about the difficulties that you are experiencing in that thread

    I posted your details into Matt's announcement thread yesterday but the post I made that contained only what you posted here did not make it through "moderation".

    Did staff contact you and remedy your problem?
    If so can you help the other blogger posting above?

  13. No one has contacted me yet. I'll try to post in the thread you said. I'll let you know if we come to a solution.


  14. @glad1at0re
    Thanks for undertaking to come back and let the rest of the blogging community know how your issue gets resolved. :)

  15. My suspicion based on using the converter, on having separate issues with the tag display widget, and on discussions in the other forum is that the problem may be not with the converter but with the display widget. So far, the only fix I've found is removing the widget and reinstalling it - if this fails, reinstalling after several hours have passed (somewhere between 2 and 5?) seems to work. I'm also clearing cache and even cookies to make sure the problem isn't browser-side. I'll post back if I can narrow down the time window or discover anything else.

  16. I'm having a problem with the converter, but a different one--it doesn't actually display all my categories to choose from, and it isn't reporting the number of posts in each category correctly, either.

    So, I've held off on the implementation for now. Curious if anyone noticed similar issue?

    (Mac OSX; Firefox

  17. well, I'm having a problem with this converter myself, though a different one. instead of converting just the selected categories, it converted all my categories! :(

  18. My converted categories appeared as tags in the tag cloud after 12-24 hours -- but at least they weren't lost.

  19. Maybe we should remove the "Convert All Categories" button. I think people are clicking on that and then clicking the confirmation that follows when what they really want to do is selectively convert categories. I've been unable to make selective conversion accidentally convert all, so I think clicking the wrong button is what is happening.

    If you already have a tag with the same name as one of your categories, you cannot convert that category. It will not show up in the list of categories to convert.

    If you have categories that weren't properly converted to tags and no longer appear as categories, hit feedback and let us know.

    We fixed some caching issues that were affecting the tag and category displays. If you still have problems with tags or categories not displaying as they should, hit feedback and we'll clear your caches.

  20. I'm having a problem with the converter. I had a category, "school" that I wanted to convert to a tag. That tag already existed, and I got the message "Category is already a tag." It seemed odd to me you can't convert a category into an existing tag, but whatever. So I deleted the tag from all of my posts. I waited the annoying 12 hrs for the cloud to update, the tag is gone.

    And yet, when I run the converter again, I STILL get the "Category is already a tag." warning. So the system still thinks it exists. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  21. Just an FYI to staff, but not all of my categories show up on the import page to change to tags and I would be happy to tell you which ones in testing if it helps out ;)


  22. learningaswego

    I did a tag conversion and it looks awful. I want to go back to normal categories and cannot figure out how. Please help!

  23. i'm having issues
    it's email
    how do i contact people outsied of wordpress ?

  24. @maegilder
    You have been answered in the other thread you posted in. Please do not post in multiple threads as it causes us extra work answering you in three or four places.


  25. @learningaswego - you will need to contact support to have the convert your tags back to categories. Use the feedback in your dashboard. Support is available M-F 9am-4pm Pacific time, if I remember correctly

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