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    I am having some issues with my categories widget on the sidebar. I created a few different categories to organize my posts, as well as created matching category widgets to appear on my sidebar.
    When I categorize a post as say “food”, and post it, I still don’t see the post nestled under the “food” widget on the sidebar on my home page. The only way I see my category widgets and their corresponding posts is when I click on my post on the home page, which seems to refresh the page and then shows the category widget on the side.

    How do I make my category widgets ALWAYS appear on the home page?

    The blog I need help with is



    1) There’s no such thing as “matching category widgets”. You add the Categories widget once only: it doesn’t list the posts that are filed under a category, it lists your categories. When you click on one of the categories in the widget, you view the page that displays all the posts that have been filed under that category. And the title of the widget is just a title: it should be “Categories”, Topics”, “Subject Index” – that sort of thing.
    2) You make your category widget appears on the home page by not messing with the Visibility settings when you first add it to “Sidebar”.

    Note: the Categories widget won’t list a category if there are no published posts filed under that category.



    @scris… are you still having this issue? I visited your blog page and saw that your category widget is intact.



    No she’s not having the issue anymore because she read my reply. Stop posting useless replies please.



    Yes thanks guys, I got it now. My widget visibility settings were messed up so once I deleted the category and readded, it worked.

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