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Problem with Comcast addresses

  1. I can't forward my own WordPress blog posts to Comcast addresses. Messages don't arrive, including to my own Comcast address. I can forward posts from other WordPress blogs to Comcast addresses, however

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    I'll help you troubleshoot! How are you forwarding the blog posts? We may be using different terminology (forwarding, in this case), so it will help to get on the same page.


  3. I appreciate whatever help you can provide. Here's the problem: I publish a WordPress blog to which a friend with a Comcast email address tried to subscribe. He signed up and was told he would receive a confirming email, which never arrived. He has tried many times, with the same result. I forward him emails I receive from WordPress when I have made a new post. He never receives them. I would go to my blog using Safari and send him my post via email. He wouldn't receive it. I then send myself an email using my Comcast address. I would not receive it. I would then send it to my gmail account, and I would receive it (a test I repeated a few minutes ago, with the same result). Both of us have checked our Comcast email spam filters, and found nothing that would cause this problem.

  4. I'm going to need to get some sensitive material from you, so I'm transferring this request to email. I'll send you a note using this thread title as the subject line.

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